Streamline Your Strategy: Select the Best Options with Options BRO

Bull call spreads, bear put spreads, iron condors, covered calls, iron butterflies, long and short straddles and strangles and over a thousand more options trading strategies exist. However, each time you enter a new position in the options market, you only need one strategy. How do you figure out which one to choose?

This is a common dilemma for options traders. And at , we have just the solution you are looking for — namely Options BRO. This is a new flagship feature in the that helps you refine the process of selecting option trading strategies. To appreciate the revolutionary benefits of Options BRO from Samco Securities, it is essential to first understand why you need to have a trading strategy in place.

5 Reasons a Trading Strategy is Crucial for Options Traders

If you plan to trade further in the options market, here are some key reasons you need to focus on finding the winning strategy.

Making Money in Different Markets

You need a suitable options strategy because it helps you make money whether the market moves up, down or sideways. There are also options strategies that are best suited for volatile markets that are not trending in any specific direction. The right strategy helps you capitalise on the market movement (or lack thereof) easily.

Managing Your Risk

Options strategies are also crucial for managing how much money you might lose. Some strategies, like spreads, let you control the maximum loss you may face from any given trade. This way, you can decide how much risk you’re comfortable with and use strategies to keep your losses within that limit.

Using Less Money to Make More

Options strategies can also help you control a big position with a small amount of money by using leverage for your traders. For example, buying a call option with a lot size of 100 might let you trade 100 shares of a stock without having to buy all those shares outright. Such leverage can magnify your returns but remember, it also magnifies losses.

Making Money Even When the Market Doesn’t Move

Some options strategies let you make money even when the market is stagnant. For instance, iron condors and straddles are specifically designed to profit from the underlying asset staying within a certain price range. Without the right kind of strategy, you may find it harder to maximise your profit potential in such markets.

Earning Regular Income

Options strategies can also provide a regular income through techniques like selling covered calls — which involves owning a stock and selling someone else the option to buy it at a specific price. You get to keep the premium from selling that option, no matter how the market moves. Such strategies can also turn the time decay of options into an advantage.

Adjusting Your Trades

Options strategies also provide the advantage of adjusting your position based on new information or market shifts. Whether it’s rolling out options to a further date or changing the strike price to manage a trade better, the flexibility options trading offers is unparalleled. This means you’re never stuck in a losing position without options to mitigate the situation.

The Importance of Analysing Your Options Strategy

Once you have selected a strategy, analysing it allows you to manage your risks effectively. By evaluating potential losses and identifying break-even points, you can set appropriate limits on your positions. This, in turn, makes it easy to avoid trades with unacceptable levels of risk, which could lead to significant financial losses.

Market conditions also greatly influence the performance of options strategies. To select strategies that align with the current environment and improve the likelihood of success, you need to thoroughly analyse market conditions and how your chosen strategies fit in with those scenarios.

For example, say you anticipate a moderate increase in the underlying stock’s price and therefore choose the bull call spread. By analysing this strategy, you can determine the maximum potential loss (limited to the premium paid for the call options) and the break-even point (the lower strike price plus the premium paid). This makes it easier to understand the conditions under which the strategy would be profitable and the risk involved. If the market conditions change unexpectedly and the stock price falls, you can minimise losses by having a stop-loss strategy in place or by adjusting the position to adapt to the new market environment.

Samco’s Options BRO can help you with strategy selection as well as analysis. True to its name, this groundbreaking feature makes it easier to Build, Optimise and Research each options trading strategy before you execute it.

What Goes into Building a Winning Options Trading Strategy?

To create a winning options trading strategy, you need to incorporate several critical elements that align your trades with market conditions, manage risk, and capitalise on opportunities effectively. Here’s what you need to consider:

Alignment with Market Outlook

Your strategy should be closely aligned with your market outlook. Whether you anticipate an upward, downward, or sideways movement in the market, your chosen options strategy should reflect this view. Options BRO in the Samco trading app can be pivotal to achieving this goal — because this strategy builder filters out the techniques that align with your view.

Risk Management Through Stop Loss Orders

A well-defined stop loss strategy ensures that you exit a position once it reaches a predetermined loss level, protecting your capital from significant downturns. With Options BRO, you can choose between limit and market orders and execute them with just one click on the Samco trading platform.

Inbuilt Hedging Mechanisms

A winning strategy also includes mechanisms for hedging against adverse moves in the market. This could involve using protective puts as insurance for a stock position or setting up spread trades that limit the maximum loss. Hedging using multi-legged strategies helps you manage the overall risk of your position and provides a safety net in uncertain markets.

Select the Winning Strategy and Streamline it With Options BRO

Clearly, there’s a lot that goes into creating a winning options trading strategy. And given the importance of having a plan when you enter the options market, you need the best tools available to select and streamline your strategy — so you can improve the probability of success. Options BRO is the game-changing tool that does precisely this.

This feature on the Samco trading app is a unique strategy builder. To curate better strategies for your trade, simply enter the details of the scrip, its expiry and your market outlook — whether it’s bullish, bearish, neutral or volatile. With these inputs, our Options BRO evaluates over 2,000 options and analyses more than 1,000 strategies — all to narrow down your choices to the 3 best strategies for each trade.

But that’s not all. This feature in the Samco trading platform offers strategy suggestions that cater to each risk profile, which include:

  •       Aggressive strategy: For traders who can take higher risks
  •       Moderate strategy: For traders who seek a balance between risk and reward
  •       Conservative strategy: For traders who want to limit risks as much as possible

In addition to this, with Options BRO, you can also research your strategies based on parameters like implied volatility (IV), option Greeks, technical indicators, risk-reward ratio, return on investment and more. The silver lining is that unlike other trading platforms, Options BRO and all the other features in the Samco trading app are available free of cost.

Once you complete the Samco account opening process and log into the Samco trading app, you can use this pioneering strategy builder to streamline your options trading strategy and improve your options trading success.

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